President name: Hak Kwon, Kim

 Foundation date:  1976.09.01.  Number of employee:  294
 Address:  [21999] 188, Gaetbeol-Ro, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon, Korea
 TEL:  +82-32-820-0777  FAX:  +82-32-815-2523
 E-mail:  Homepage:
 Sales manager:
 <Post position> General Manager
 Eun Na, Lee
 Company Classification: <Category of business> Plastic mold
<Category of industry> Automobile,Appliances,Cell phone,Semiconductor,Furniture// household items
 Exporting country:  Japan, United Kingdom, India, USA  Account customer :  SONY, HYUNDAI, DAIHO, TOYATA BOSHOKU
 Main production:
Category of business List of production
 Automobile Grill, Wheel, Guard, Air Cleaner, Housing, Lens, IP, Door, Bumper etc
 Appliances Television, Refregirator, Air Conditioner, Printer etc.
 Cell phone Battery Cover, Case
 Display LCD Television, Monitor
 Semiconductor Socket
 Furniture/Household items Basket, Chair
 Others Pallet, Medical Device, Projector
 Quality : ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001, Q, SQ Mark
 Product : GS
 Standard : UL, CE
 Main product Photo:  
 Company and equipment
With more than 35 years of professional field experience in plastic injection mold, we supply more than 1,000 set of mold a year to our valuable customers. We are capable of manufacturing from high precision mold to enormous size mold up to 50 TON in mold weight. We have supplied the finest mold to various industries including automotive markets, consumer electronics, semiconductor, IT parts, medical equipment, home appliance, and many other industries.
We are continuously researching and developing new technologies for customer satisfaction with better quality, lower price, and shorter lead-time. As being a biggest tier 1 mold vendor for SONY, we are supplying most TV bezel and rear cover tools to SONY these days and being a designated GM Approved Global Tool Source in 2008, we are supplying a lot of automotive tools to tier 1 vendors of automotive industries such as instrument panel, bumper, door panel, floor console, cowl top, pillars, and more.
For IT electronics, we offer you precision tooling technology. We are capable of tooling up to 0.03mm pitch precise and perfect plastic injection molded parts. For small camera module technology, we are one of two aspheric glass lens manufactures in Korea. Our technical optic team can develop and launch a complete lens module with 14 business days from design to final assembly. We have good ability to manufacture plastic lens tools with our most precise technology. Last year, we have successfully launched 12M pixel cellular phone camera A/F module as a mass production item for the first in the world.
There are overseas affiliates in China and in Japan for providing more convenient service and manufacturing ability. These affiliates are capable of manufacturing plastic injection molding tools in house with same quality, same price, and same lead-time as mother’s company does, plus giving away geographical advantages. We also offer trial-injection and injection molding for mass production. We own more than 90 injection molding machines from 50 TON to 3,000 TON. Our brand-new factory located in Asan City, Korea is in scale of 53,000ft2manufacturingsiteand27,000ft2oftrialinjectionsite.Therewillbeanothermanufacturingsiteinscaleof45,000ft2soonforautomotivetoolsonly.
We are still investing all our efforts in not only new equipments but also continuous R&D for better quality, lower price, and shorter lead-time. We are trying all our best to satisfy you more than you expect.

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