Company name: Sangick Engineering
  President name: Jin Han, Yoon

 Foundation date:  1998.02  Number of employee:  34
 Address:  [14441] 768-7, Ojeong-Dong, Ojeong-Gu, Bucheon-City, Gyunggi-Do Korea
 TEL:  +82-32-674-6347  FAX:  +82-32-674-6349
 E-mail:  Homepage:
 Sales manager:
 <Post position> Diretor
 Beong Seon, Ryoo
 Company Classification: <Category of business> Plastic mold
<Category of industry> Automobile,Appliances
 Exporting country:  EU  Account customer :  
 Main production:
Category of business List of production
 Automobile Glove Box, Inside Handle, Pillars, Console, Grille
 Appliances Printer/Scanner Frame
 Quality : ISO9001, GPPC Certification(GM)
 Main product Photo:  
 Company and equipment
Established in 1998, Sangick Engineering, as a leading tool maker in Korea, has accumulated technology expertise and precious experience in various industries over the years. Sangick Engineering is a fully integrated mold manufacturer specializing in automotive interiors and exteriors, motor cycle, and home appliance products.

Through continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and stringent internal standards, we ensure highest quality of products and services, contribute added values, and bring competitiveness and success to our customers.
Excellence in product quality, on-time delivery, communication and customer satisfaction are our main focus.Our Management Team ensures that the quality system is communicated and implemented at all levels of our organization at all times.

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