President name: Jae Goo, Lim

 Foundation date:  1991.08.01  Number of employee:  45
 Address:  [405-820] 92 Seunggicheon-ro, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, korea 113B-1L
 TEL:  +82-32-815-3710  FAX:  +82-32-815-3711
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 <Post position> General Manager
 Soon Ae,Kim
 Company Classification: <Category of business> Other mold,Mold part
 Exporting country:  Japan , Italy, India  Account customer :  
 Main production:
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 Company and equipment
Our company has running only one way of car mold component major parts industry company with developing of technology and improving quality.

We always do our best with accumulated experiences and technology and we are going to make products according to our buyers’ demand. The items we handle are lifter, core unit, block, spring, guide pin, etc.

Especially, we have been researching repeatly to produce the best quality product that customers may need its best function in local and overseas, and also we are trying to do our best in after sales management. Customer satisfaction is our most important part. We aer going to manage our company with improving quality of product technology and service to make our customers satisfied.

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