Company name: CNC TECH
  President name: Seung Won, Kang

 Foundation date:  2006.01.31.  Number of employee:  7
 Address:  [14302] 212-13,35 Noonsa-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, gyeonggi-do, Korea
 TEL:  +82-2-2037-5821  FAX:  +82-2-2037-5898
 E-mail:  Homepage:
 Sales manager:
 <Post position> CEO
 Seung Won, Kang
 Company Classification: <Category of business> Mold part
 Exporting country:    Account customer :  
 Main production:
Category of business List of production
 Others Standard Parts
 Main equipment:
Equipment name SPEC(Size) MAKER Amount Characteristic
Five-Axis Multi Tasking Machine NEXUS 510C-II MAZAK 1
Five-Axis Vertical Tasking Machine INTERGREX 200-IV ST 1
Five-Axis Multi Tasking Machine VARIAXIS I-700 MAZAK 1
Machining Center VM56 1
Machining Center VX660M 1
Machining Center VX950M 1
Machining Center HIV560M 1
CNC Lathe Machine NEXUS 200-II MAZAK 4
Molding Grinding Machine JFG-200M? 5
Cylinder Grinder Machine TGU-329 4
Wire Cutting Machine AG600L/ACE-C0535 SODICK 4
 Main product Photo:  
“Our main strategy for success is to provide clients with the highest quality precision products at competitive price shortest time”

CNC TECH has achieved remarkable growth as a manufacturer specializing in Industrial Machinery Parts and Mold Parts through continuous technological innovation, research & development and strong personnel training.
Coping with rapidly-changing market environments, we have entered into manufacturing Hot runner and Integrated Multimedia Outlet System. Our technical expertise has been recognized not only in local but also in global market.
With high-technology and excellent know-how, we focus on improving our capabilities in manufacturing high-precision and eco-friendly components indispensable to the industries of Aerospace and Defense, as well as Nuclear Power & Wind Power Generation.
Aiming to satisfy and impress our customers, all of us at CNC TECH always endeavor to contribute to the prosperity of our customers by providing top quality products in the shortes time and by managing logistics system strategically while striving to achieve competitiveness through strict quality and environmental management and differentiation of coure technology.

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