President name: Ji-Kyung, Yang

 Foundation date:  2000. 02. 08.  Number of employee:  68
 Address:  [422-834] 12 Seongju-ro, Songnae-dong, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, korea
 TEL:  +82-32-666-6460  FAX:  +82-3-666-6463
 E-mail:  Homepage:
 Sales manager:
 <Post position> Director
 Lee kwang-hee
 Company Classification: <Category of business> Other mold,Mold part
 Exporting country:  Japan, Singapore, China  Account customer :  
 Main production:
Category of business List of production
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 Main equipment:
Equipment name SPEC(Size) MAKER Amount Characteristic
High-speed machining center 42,000rpm 1
CNC electrical Discharge machine 4
CNC Wire-cut electrical Discharge machine 3
Universal Cylindrical grinding machine Ø 320 4
Surface & forming grinding machine 350*650 1
Forming grinding machine 200*450 29
Centerless grinding machine 18“ 6
Precision small Centerless grinding unit Ø 50 12
Rollermatic grinding machine 1
Profile grinding machine 3
Vertical&horizontal milling machine 450*1200 3
Precision universal lathe Ø 430 3
 Main product Photo:  
 Company and equipment
KOREA MOULD PARTS CO., LTD always keeps its priority on relationship with the customers, We move forward with GREAT vision. We products die parts & mold components and sells its.
And confident of a special order products than standardized goods.
As fallows, We makes a deal with japan and many countries of asia zone gets a high evaluation from quality.

1) Plastic Mold Parts 2) Press Mold Parts
3) Semiconductor Mold Parts 4) Die-casting Mould Parts
5) AutoMobile Mold Parts 6) Forging Mold Parts
7) Mechatronics Mold Parts 8) Special Works of Drawings

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