Company name: TOKPOD&M CO.,LTD.
  President name: Si Dong, Lee

 Foundation date:  2003. 7. 1  Number of employee:  10
 Address:  [617-809] 26 Saebyeok-ro 201beon-gil, Gwaebeop-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan, korea
 TEL:  +82-51-327-1022  FAX:  +82-51-317-1025
 E-mail:  Homepage:
 Sales manager:
 <Post position> Direvtor
 Yong-Hwan Lee
 Company Classification: <Category of business> Press die,Other mold,Mold part
 Exporting country:  China, Japan, Vietnam  Account customer :  
 Main production:
Category of business List of production
 Others 금형부품 일광 생산 및 판매
 Main equipment:
Equipment name SPEC(Size) MAKER Amount Characteristic
Plastic grinder 2
Centerless grinder 2
Tapping 2
 Main product Photo:  
 Company and equipment
Times are changing at amazing speed nowdays.
It is being said that the 10years aheed will bring about more changes than the changes that past 100years have brought about.
These changes will be felt more acutely in the manufacturing indystry which plays key role across al industries. All employees of TOKPO D&M CO.,LTD will exert all effort in development of new product and new technology to support productivity enhancement and improvement of competitive edge of our clients in current trend of high-speed technology development

We thank our customer for the kind encouragement you extended to us.
Thank you.

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